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Black Tie Services Lands Baltimore Healthy Vending Contract

BALTIMORE — Black Tie Services and the Baltimore City Health Department announced in late October the launch of healthy vending standards in city buildings.

Black Tie won the citywide vending contract to implement the new standards, which include 50% of all items to be “better-for-you” in machines in all city buildings. The Baltimore-based vending operation will install its “Goodness Inside” machines to promote the availability of more wholesome offerings.

Black Tie president Scott Meskin said he is “excited to have the opportunity to provide healthier vending selections to his hometown Charm City.”

Founded 26 years ago, Black Tie is one of the largest independent refreshment services companies in the mid-Atlantic region.

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Black Tie Services Increases Efficiencies Using Latest Vending Software Tools

During tough economic times, it’s vital for companies to keep a competitive edge without breaking the bank. Vending owners and operators using outdated vending management software are finding it increasingly challenging to stay competitive with other operators who are able to more efficiently manage routes, inventory and sales.

Old systems are not always user-friendly and intuitive, and they can take a long time to uncover problems or errors and reconcile discrepancies. Today’s vending management systems can solve these problems, and operators are realizing that they can’t afford not to have them.

Black Tie Services in Baltimore is one such vendor that has successfully updated its business model to include advanced vending management software. For more than 20 years, this family-owned and -operated business has provided vending, coffee, water and food services to the Baltimore metropolitan area and the Washington, D.C., beltway. Continue reading

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A conversation with Scott Meskin of Black Tie Services

Q. Tell us a little about Black Tie Services.

A. We are known for our high quality food, which is made fresh every day in our commissary. We’ve been in this business for 25 years and part of USConnect for over a year.

Q. What region do you serve, and what are the local favorites?

A. We work in Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Western Virginia. The local favorite sandwich is a Hot Corned Beef and Swiss, and the Half & Half—iced tea and lemonade—is also popular.

Q. What makes your company stand out from its local competitors?

A. Our fresh food program puts us out front. No one in our market can offer anything even close to what we offer in fresh food. Our customers tell us that they are impressed with how delicious our salads and fresh sliced meats taste. All of our food is made fresh daily and to order for each machine or micro market. Our Chicken Salad wrap is the most-requested item we produce, along with our first-cut corned beef brisket on rye with Swiss.

Q. What trends do you see emerging in 2014?

A. Cashless vending is where I see the biggest opportunity for growth. We are in the process of upgrading every machine in the field with cashless technology. Our cashless transactions are increasing monthly, and in a few years, I expect that cashless sales will be more than 50% of our revenue. We have always strived to be a leader in new trends and technologies, and we will soon be one of the first all cashless vending companies in the Northeast.

Micro markets are also a growth segment for 2014. Customers love the concept, and sales are being led by our fresh food program. About 35% of our micro market sales are fresh-made food items produced in our kitchen.

Q. Your motto is, “We specialize in service to customers deserving the best.” How do you live up to that motto?

A. This past February, the weather reports were calling for a foot of snow on Monday, and a good customer called my cell on Sunday afternoon. They knew their employees who would be snowed-in Monday morning, and they needed to feed them. Was it possible to have 475 boxed lunches delivered on Monday morning?

I had our commissary build the order, even though I didn’t know if we could get our trucks on the road the next day. On Sunday night at 8:30 pm, one of my dedicated Operations Managers made the delivery. The customer was thrilled and impressed with our level of service. We always try to go above and beyond what is expected of us.

Scott Meskin is the President of Black Tie Services, LLP.

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Black Tie Services Acquires Jades Vending

BALTIMORE — Black Tie Services has acquired Jades Vending Corp. (Rockville, MD), marking its fourth acquisition in the past three years. Baltimore-based Black Tie Services said it will equip most of Jades’ 2,700 machines with telemetric and cashless capability.

“This key acquisition of Jades gives Black Tie Services more concentration in the Washington, DC, metro area, along with acquiring a 42-year-old vending company with a great team of employees and excellent customer base,” said Black Tie president Scott Meskin.

Black Tie acquired Paramount Vending (Jessup, MD) in November 2014. It now operates 7,000 machines, primarily in the Baltimore and Washington markets. It also maintains routes in Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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2016 Operator Of The Year Scott Meskin

(CHICAGO) March 29, 2016 – Scott Meskin, President of Black Tie Services, was recently named NAMA’s Operator of the Year as part of the association’s 2016 Industry Awards. Meskin was presented his award on April 13 at the 2016 NAMA OneShow in Chicago.

The NAMA Operator of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has exhibited the highest level of integrity, dedication, and leadership in the refreshment services industry. The recipient of this award has a penchant for innovation and embraces industry technology in their business and shows leadership within the industry and their community.

As President of Black Tie Services, Scott has grown his company from a small operation founded with his father in 1989, to a full-service break room provider featuring nearly 7,000 machines. Under his leadership, and with his passion for innovation, the company was quick to adopt technology and saw major growth after incorporating cutting-edge equipment and vending management solutions including DEX, telemetry and pre-kitting. A 35-year industry veteran, Scott began his vending career at age 15 driving routes on his learners permit, helping his boss fill vending machines. Before founding Black Tie, he headed up small vending and OCS businesses, including one he owned during college.

Committed to advocacy and building awareness of the industry, Scott actively participates in grassroots efforts at the state and federal level educating elected officials on industry issues, testifying before the Maryland legislature and participating in NAMA’s DC Fly-Ins. He currently serves as President of the Maryland-DC Vending Association and will be a NAMA Fly-In Captain this summer.

Scott and his team were recognized as part of Automatic Merchandiser’s 2015 Pros to Know and Team Pros to Know, and he sits on the advisory boards of USConnect and Vagabond Vending. He is heavily involved in Black Tie’s support of local organizations including the Maryland Food Bank, Kennedy Krieger Institute and New Level Basketball Camp. Scott resides in Baltimore, MD with his wife Kelly and their four children.

About the Awards:

The NAMA Industry Awards are presented to individuals that best exemplify support of the refreshment services industry through a history of service and leadership throughout the industry and in their own communities. They must be innovative, possess a willingness to expand conventional practices and follow ethical business standards in accordance with the NAMA code of ethics.

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Automatic Merchandiser Announces 2015 Pros to Know

The second annual Automatic Merchandiser and Pros to Know Award recognizes vending, micro market and office coffee service professionals who are proven leaders in the industry. These teams and individuals have worked hard all year to move their company, organization and the industry forward and have faced this year’s challenges head on.

The 2015 Pros to Know innovators, made up of vending operators, marketers, manufacturer representatives, brokers, micro market teams, techies and entrepreneurs, were selected from a nomination pool of more than 115 applicants. Continue reading

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Down To Earth Pleasures With Bigelow Tea

At Black Tie Services, we believe that good coffee is only the beginning when it comes to providing your employees with a breakroom service to be proud of. Snacks, juices, sodas and, of course, a delicious hot cup of tea are equally important to keep office workers motivated and energized throughout the day. For this reason, the Bigelow tea range has been a stalwart of our breakroom product catalog for many years, offering customers a refreshing, uplifting and, above all, healthy beverages. Our selection includes English heritage teas, such as Earl Grey and English Teatime; a range of original and decaf green teas; and a wide choice of fruit and herbal teas, including Raspberry Royal, Lemon Lift, Apple Cinnamon, Mint Medley and Cozy Chamomile.

Operating as a family-owned business for over 60 years now, Bigelow Tea ensures that each and every blend has received their quality seal of approval, which does not only cover the delicious flavors and natural, high-end ingredients but also extra foil wrapping around each tea bag to maintain absolute freshness and environmental sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process. This way, Bigelow maintains a personal and responsible approach to tea production, without compromising on flavor or quality. Thanks to this down to earth philosophy, Bigelow Tea Company is still one of the biggest and most-loved tea manufacturers in the US today, while regularly expanding their range of flavors to keep the brand innovative and interesting.

Check out our web store now for a full range of Bigelow products.

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Ellis Coffee Combines Flavor with Rich Roasting Heritage

When sourcing our featured coffee brands, Black Tie Services invariably targets quality, variety and a rich and solid coffee producing and roasting tradition. With over 150 years of expertise in the coffee business and a varied selection of the world’s finest Arabica coffee beans, Ellis Coffee definitely fits the bill. During the course of its history, Ellis Coffee has developed into one of the stalwarts of the coffee industry, now supplying various businesses across the country with a wide range of traditional, specialty and flavored coffees and various related products, including espressos, cappuccinos, iced coffees, iced teas and real fruit smoothies.

But despite their huge growth and expansion, the core activity of Ellis Coffee remains what they do best: creating delicious, traditional cups of coffee for each and every one of their customers. The Black Tie selection of Ellis whole bean and ground coffees is definitely a testament to that. Visit our online store to browse our hand-picked selection of 100% Colombian blends, European Bean coffee, premium blends and decaf coffees, or give us a call about any other Ellis drinks you can’t find online. We can almost guarantee to deliver the product you are looking for right to your doorstep.

Changing with the times doesn’t necessarily mean letting go of tradition. Ellis’ heritage coffees combine the best of past and present in one steaming, mouthwatering cup o’ Joe.

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Nestle Coffee-Mate Creamers Make Coffee Extra Special

Even the tastiest coffees sometimes need that extra bit of flavor and many among us won’t even touch a cup of coffee without adding some sugar and cream. Some would say that it is this extra dash of cream that really makes or breaks your daily cup. That is exactly why Black Tie Services carries a selection of Nestle Coffee-Mate creamers to their already existing range of office coffee products. By adding just a small amount of any of our flavored or specialty Coffeemate creamers, you can transform any ordinary cup of coffee to the specific taste and aroma you want. And with more special and seasonal flavors added to the range on a regular basis, the great appeal of the Nestle Coffee-Mate selection definitely lies in its variety.

Adjusting every single cup of coffee to your personal taste or mood has never been this easy. Choose betweenthe smooth, creamy finish of the liquid Coffee-Mate French Vanilla and hazelnut creamers or prepare a rich after-dinner coffee with the Amaretto creamer. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, the original Coffee-Mate flavor or portion-sized powdered creamers are essential accompaniments. Trying to cut down on cream for health reasons? No problem! Nestle Coffee-Mate also offers a wide range of low fat and sugar-free creamers, allowing you to indulge even when you’re on a diet. Even those who are lactose-intolerant can enjoy the dairy-free creamers without a care in the world.

Contact Black Tie Services today to find out what else the Nestle Coffee-Mate range has to offer and add an extra special touch to every coffee break.

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Caribou Puts Great Taste Back into Coffee

At Black Tie Services, we’re all about giving something back to the world – whether we are talking about responsibly sourced products, materials and manufacturing processes that protect the environment or simply delicious, high-quality coffee. This is one of the many reasons why the Caribou brand fits so well within our extensive office coffee range. Known for their socially and environmentally responsible sourcing methods and their use of only the finest, best-tasting Arabica coffee beans, Caribou coffee prides itself on having their suppliers’ and customers’ best interest at heart, where many others don’t. It is, therefore, also with great pride that Black Tie Services offers this delicious coffee brand to its corporate clients in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas.

The most popular products within the Caribou range are, unsurprisingly, the Caribou K-Cups. Only compatible with the revolutionary, patented Keurig single-serve brewers, K-Cup technology has taken the world of coffee by storm the past few years, thanks to its flavor-preserving features and ultimate convenience. Of course, Caribou could not be left behind and now Black Tie customers, too, can enjoy the earthy, sweet-tasting Mahogany Blend, the smooth yet energizing Daybreak Morning Blend or the Caribou Signature Blend with full-bodied flavor and clean, crisp finish. Each airtight k-cup perfectly preserves the full taste and freshness of freshly roasted Caribou coffee.

If your business doesn’t own a single-cup brewer, you may want to try Caribou’s regular, decaf or vanilla blends in 12oz packs, which can be used with any traditional coffee maker. Whatever the type or pack size – thanks to Caribou’s rigorous roasting process, their coffees never disappoint. Try one of our selected Caribou blends today and discover what coffee is meant to taste like.

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